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Archive News 7/13/2009

2009 July - Milo Manara Licensing News

INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO AGENCY (ITA) – IT has extended to whole Europe the license agreement for Milo Manara’s artwork. A few months ago, ITA launched in Italy its 40 firelights line. The firelights are divided in four “series”, PIN UP, INDIAN SUMMER, HISTORIA and SEVENTH ART. The display will feature 20 firelights for each series. Moreover, limited edition packaging will be created for ITA’ collectors (2500 pcs).

ADDICT – UK will present its exclusive T-Shirt line featuring Milo Manara’s feminine design. This series will be an exclusive and limited edition signed by the Creative Director Chris Carden-Jones. The t-shirts will be presented at the coming Bread&Butter in Berlin in July and illustrate in a high end style some of Manara’s sketches.

NEKKO DESIGN – ES, an exclusive Spanish atelier, will create in the coming months a series of exclusive design tables with a high artistic content dedicated to Manara’s fan and collectors.