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Archive News 2/2/2009

2009 January - Publishing and Merchandising News Naruto

BIC (stationery)  Q1 2008

BANPRESTO thru SOFT TOYS (plush)  Q2 2008

FOTO EDIZIONI (tattoos)   Q3 2008

FOTO EDIZIONI (sticker sheets)  Q4 2008

PANINI (sticker album collection 2)   Q4 2008

NEPAL (Christmas chocolate decorations) Q4 2008

DREAM COLOURS (fashion bags, wallets…)  Q4 2008

SIGGI HAPPY SCHOOL (school aprons)  Q4 2008

WITOR’S (chocolate pralines)   Q1 2009

WITOR’S (chocolate Easter eggs)  Q1 2009

XTREME (videogame accessories)  Q1 2009

BIP HOLLAND (toy confectionary)  Q1 2009

7DAYS/Vivartia (cocoa croissant promo) Q1 2009

FANTASTIC FOODS (cup noodles)  Q1 2009

DISCOBLU 2 (socks)  Q2 2009

SOFIMEL (2D collectables)   Q2 2009

HACHETTE (DVD partwork)   Q3 2009


BANDAI/ATARI: New worldwide PS3 videogame: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm – released Nov 2008;

TOMY: New releases: Naruto: Path of the Ninja (Q4 2008) for Nintendo DS and Naruto: Clash of Ninja for Nintendo Wii;

UBISOFT: New release for Xbox360: Naruto: The Broken Bond released Q4 2008.



September 2008 thru January 2009
460 restaurants in Spain
150.000 printed catalogues available to customers and members of “La Tribu”
Posters and catalogues in restaurants
Online activity and TV loop in restaurants

VIVARTIA/CHIPITA (Eastern Europe & The Balkans)
January thru April and June thru september 2008
Cocoa snacks with in-pack premium stickers
Over 40 mio in-pack stickers + mini-album sold!!
Sticker Album at point of sale

Food promotion to start March 2009
Cocoa snacks with in-pack premium stickers (52 sticker collection)
Sticker Album at point of sale