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Archive News 8/19/2008

2008 August - Publishing and Merchandising News Naruto

ANTASYA - ITALY: soap & shower gel on sale in Italy from August!   
SOFT TOYS - ITALY: NARUTO plushes in two different sizes launched in Italy.

NEPAL - ITALY: Christmas chocolate egges on sale in October!
FOTOEDIZIONI - ITALY: Tattoo on sales in kiosk in July; sticker sheets launching in September !!
SEVEN - ITALY : new Autum Naruto collection available in store!

PANINI – ITALY: “NARUTO BATTLE OF THE NINJA”, new NARUTO stickers collection available in September 24th , in kiosk.

BANDAI : Ultimate Ninja 3 – PS2  world wide release on September 5th 2008 ;” Naruto, Ultimate Ninja Storm” – PS3  NEW  world wide release in Autumn 2008.

TOMY: “Naruto: Path of the Ninja” - DS – already launched “Naruto: the clash of Ninja”  - WII - New release Autumn 2008.
UBISOFT: “Naruto: Rise of Ninja” good performance in 2007; “Naruto: The Broken Bond”  - NEW release in Autumn 2008.

PANINI COMICS – ITALY: Volume # 38  published to date.

CARLSEN – GERMANY: Volumes # 36 published to date.

GLENAT – SPAIN: Volume # 35 in store.